Tuesday, April 3, 2012

C for Crystal

I was running real fast through the barren ground; like fifteen feet a step fast. I heard some old man yelled at me to stop, because some parts of the ground didn’t exist actually, but just illusion, and that if I set my foot on one of those parts, I would stumble into an abyss.

The ground was brownish orange, and rocky. I thought of stopping, but it was so exhilarating that I didn’t want it. Scenery was iridescent, like some hills would appear ahead, but when I arrive the same level with them, they would disappear suddenly. I didn’t know where I was, but it was so exciting that I though I was in Heaven.

Freedom. Speed. Wind on my face. These were the things I was mostly aware of, and I was running like a wild Mustang. The old man was right, sometimes huge gaps would open right in front of me, but I was so fast that I would jump over them with no hesitation.

Out of nowhere, I saw a castle at a short distance, and I was running to its walls at full speed. When I was next to the outer walls, I couldn’t jump over the gap I suddenly saw in front of me – or I would smash to the stone walls – and fell into it.

I found myself in crystal clear water, running fast along the stone corridors below the castle, and it was even more exhilarating than running above. However, I had a problem of breathing, because I was deep down the water. Water was running so fast – dragging me along – that I couldn’t follow the corners I turned.

Suddenly, when I felt I was reaching to my limit for lack of air, I found myself flying through the huge oak doors of a throne hall. I fell to the ground so hard that I skipped some blocks of stone floor, but it didn’t hurt at all.

I looked around to find out where I was, and I realized I wasn’t an adult, but a child. I was back to my childhood at a place I didn’t know. Moreover, I realized the run was some kind of a time travel to my early years on Earth.

I noticed the stone blocks of walls and floor weren’t brownish orange like the rocky ground I left outside, but whitish gray, and shiny like grayish marble. Next to the throne hall, I found an open door to a library. The leather bound books lined on the shelves were incredibly lovely, and somehow impressive. So impressive that I felt they touched my soul. As I reached for one, I knocked some others down.

That was when I heard some voices, like some people having conversation, which were cut with the noise of falling books. I looked inside the library, and saw some elderly people sitting around a massive oak table at the center of the room.

I was so afraid, and ashamed for my intrusion, that I began to tremble and cry softly. One of the group, an elderly and handsome man, with long face and gray hair, tried to soothe me with a kind voice, saying, “Don’t worry, child, this place belongs to you, only to children. You can do anything you want.”

“I-I didn’t…” I stammered, trying to say something, perhaps apologize for my behavior.

But he insisted that everything was alright.

I was crying uncontrollably, out of shame, and also out of unexplainable happiness.

He told me that the place was where all Indigo and Crystal Children come from. And that’s why it belonged to us. Also he said the reason why I was back to my childhood was that I regained the innocence of a child back. He explained further, saying, “You’re back to us now. And you had to visit this source, because you have to have a better understanding of your Crystal son.”

With a fathomless happiness and joy… I began to drift away from the group, from the room, from the hall…

And I woke up. I was back to real life once again. 

Or should I say only “the physical one?”


  1. What a magical dream! Seems like a good way to start the day, full of positive feelings.

    I'm your co-host for the A-to-Z! If you didn't get an email from me the other day, it may have gone in your spam box. Please feel free to contact me via my profile or reply to that email if you need anything or have any questions.

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse, co-host of the 2012 #atozchallenge! Twitter: @AprilA2Z

  2. Very fine writing!

    Nice to meet you and I hope you're enjoying the Challenge.

    A to Z Challenge Host

  3. Awesome images and thoughts! Looking forward to more!

    A to Z Blogger & SF/Fantasy Writer @ Visions of Other Worlds

  4. i love fantasy so i really enjoyed this.
    Happy A-Zing!

  5. Sweet. What I like the most is that you were loved and accepted. No demands, no preconceived notions. You were free to be your most innocent self, and you knew it which explains the uncontrolled happiness. Interesting to experience the simultaneous feelings of happiness and shame as a child. Of course. But I can tell you that when I went to Heaven's Door, the shame and guilt were gone. I was only a Child, with the best parts of standing before a Parent who adores you. Somehow, I knew I could do no wrong. I could be myself, unhinged.


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