Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A to Z Challenge - F for Felines

Felines, or cats, have always been a mysterious beauty, whatever form they come, tigers, lions, leopards, or little pet ones. In the movie “Constantine,” the main character – Keanu Reeves acting – says “they live in both sides.” They are the constant friends of mystical characters (unfortunately it’s mostly witches, but in Dark Age even the scientists or saints were labeled as witches anyway) in movies, fairy tales, or novels. There’s something certain about them though: they’re mystical. 

More than twenty years ago, I came up with an idea about a comic hero who was half tiger and half human. A few years later, The Beauty&The Beast was shot, and we met Vincent, the lion-man. After a few years on again, I modified my comic character, making him an extraterrestrial being that comes from Sirius 17,000 years ago with Earthly timeframe. And the most surprisingly, around fifteen years ago, I read something similar in a book titled “Galactic People” by Sheldon Nidle. 

From "Gorre Saga" - Illustration by Selim Yeniçeri
The thing was that it was so consistent with what I told about the Felines, which I named as “Tigerians” in my trilogy “Gorre Saga” or “Saga of 2012” that I began to realize it all was more than mere fiction. Gorre Saga is a trilogy that takes more than 1,500 pages at total, and I wrote it through a research and inner spiritual search that lasted around twenty years. Today, I know that these creatures of higher spiritual awareness are real, and they inhabit in System A of Sirius Constellation. I will share much more about them in coming months, but for now, I’ll simply say that some of them live among us in human form (not shape-shifters like the Grays, or Reptilians, but they change physical form through predesigned reincarnation). 

And they are the harbingers of a new age in the spiritual history of mankind!

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