Wednesday, April 11, 2012

God, Creation and Micro-Man

While at university, I was in an intense quest. There was a huge difference between the Islamic doctrine we were taught, and the one that I could embrace with all my heart and soul, so much that, with a strong need of embracing the notion of God with awe, instead of fear, I began to say, “If all these people around are Muslims, then I’m not, and I don’t want to be.”

When I was just three years old, I asked Mom a question, and got angry because I couldn’t get a satisfying explanation:

“Mom, God created us, right?”
“We need Him for everything, don’t we?”
“Yes, we do.”
“But He doesn’t need us, does He?”
“No, He doesn’t.”

Now, I thought to myself in a childish way: It doesn’t matter God or human; why to create something that You don’t need, but that needs you, and perhaps that will prove to be a pain in the ass? continue reading...


  1. As a scientist and physician, as well as an artist, author, and a Christian, I love the perfect understanding: "We are spiritual beings that experience the worldly life in physical bodies." But of course this is true, and don't the Scientists know that the soil is organic?

    When faced with a Zoom! Flash! A bright light, a doorway to my left and planet Earth to my right, a ray of that light hit my right leg. I felt it. It was the No More Tears of Heaven. I believe that I was supposed to die but God let me come back to be with my daughter (as was my wish).

    So if I got to go to the other side and back again, Heaven must exist because I was there. So if it was there and God doesn't need me, why did He let me come back?

    He is Love. And maybe He is like us. Maybe He gets his pleasure from our happiness. So, He does need us. We are His happiness.

  2. i have a painting just like this but have no idea where its from or even how much it cost?


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