Thursday, March 1, 2012

God Was Always There! (A Real Story of Zen, Rock, and The Peace Within)

(To those who claim that rock stars can't be good role models; up your ass!)

A kid, who was involved with various kinds of art since his 3, who found himself in front of a microphone as a dubbing and radio actor at national government radio and television establishment at his 8, who had a taste of stage dust at his 11, felt like a fish out of water at a commercial high school he enrolled due to a mistake that his father made.

This kid, who got a taste of fame since his early childhood, breathed art in and out until his adolescence, was snatched away from the environment he belonged to, and because of the social disharmony among his peers, being pulled and pushed around, getting kicked out of his community. The wonder boy of old days had become the black sheep in the herd. continue reading...


  1. Interesting blog! I really like to read your writing.

  2. Wow. What a story. Good for you for following your dreams and sharing it with others. (= That's good karma.

    1. Thanks Jo. I believe God make us live through all sort of adventures here, so we can share what we learn from them with others. It's what we're here after all, right? :)


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